About Us

PCA was established to provide the relevant and correct information to the market and applicants that would like to become involved in the pharmaceutical sector, specifically medicinal cannabis. There is an overflow of information in the market and big investments are made with high risk and little reward.

We focus on South Africa and other countries such as but not limited to:

Drug of Abuse Act of 2008 – Lesotho

The Opium and Habit Forming Drug Act 1922 – Swaziland

South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (Act 101 of 1965) South Africa

The comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa – 1991 – Botswana

European Medicines Agency

Medicine Council of Canada

Australian Medicine Council

Our Mission

We have established strategic partnerships with industry leaders in the pharmaceutical field to support and improve the quality of standards, systems and processes to ensure compliance throughout the pharmaceutical supply chain globally

Our Vision

To improve the quality of life for end users of medicine and medical products through ensuring compliance with best practices and standards globally.

Would you like to be compliant, obtain your license, funding support, best end-product quality and the best prices?